Canada 2006 Canadians in Hollywood

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  • Date of Issue : 11th May 2006
  • four values, and a set of postcards
  • Design : John Belisle & Kosta Tsetsekas (Signal Design)
  • Printer : Lowe-Martin Group
  • Print process: lithography
  • Perforations : 13.1 x 12.5 (stamps)
  • miniature sheet format height 63mm x width 181mm
  • Tagging : GT4
  • Paper : TRC

Canadians in Hollywood[edit]

  • Canadians who appeared in Hollywood film and TV productions, and/or directed and produced films

John Candy
Fay Wray
Lorne Greene
Mary Pickford

Sheet stamps[edit]

strip of four

Miniature sheet[edit]

miniature sheet

Postal Stationery Picture Postcards[edit]

  • obverse: full colour image from stamp design; reverse: postage paid imprint with image as sheet stamp portrait
  • set of four
postcard imprint, John Candy
postcard imprint, Fay Wray
postcard imprint, Lorne Greene
postcard imprint, Mary Pickford

First Day Cover[edit]

Canada 2006 Canadians in Hollywood fdc.jpg