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|[[File:ITA 1925 MiNr0228 pm B002.jpg|thumb|Postmark of (Italian) Gorizia, 29 Sep 1925 on Michel No. 228]]

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Gorizia is a city in north-eastern Italy. It is the capital of the Province of Gorizia, in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, at the Slovenian border.
The name for the city in German is Görz. This name was used on postmarks from the inception of the post office till the end of the Austria-Hungary era.

Postmark in the Republic of Italy[edit]

Postmark in the Kingdom of Italy[edit]

Postmark of (Italian) Gorizia, 29 Sep 1925 on Michel No. 228

Postmark in Austria-Hungary era[edit]

Covers and Postcards[edit]

Gorizia (IT) AH cov a1.jpg
Gorizia (IT) AH cov a2.jpg

Postmarks in Austrian Empire Littoral province[edit]

The GÖRZ post-office opened before 1850.

Circle in 1859, type GS-f
File:Gorizia (IT) AE c.jpg
Circle, type RS-f


Magistrato di Gorizia to Trieste, 29 September 1847, red linear postmarks GÖRZ and FRANCO.