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Apeldoorn is a municipality and city in the province of Gelderland in the centre of the Netherlands. It is a regional centre. The municipality of Apeldoorn, including villages like Beekbergen, Loenen and Hoenderloo, had a population of 157,679 in 2014. The western half of the municipality lies on the Veluwe ridge, the eastern half lies in the IJssel valley.

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Postmark Examples[edit]

Postmark APELDOORN on EUROPA stamp of the Netherlands, catalogued as nvph-882. Emission of 1967.
Postmark APELDOORN, BUBA = Business Balie/Business Point, 2009

Machine cancels[edit]

Meter cancel Apeldoorn, 1984.
Meter cancel Apeldoorn, 1986.
Meter cancel Apeldoorn, 1989.
Meter cancel Apeldoorn, 1998.