Australia 2006 Roses

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Australia 2006 Roses a.jpg
  • Issue Date: 27 January 2006
  • Designed by: Lisa Christensen
  • Printed by: SEP Sprint
  • Print Process: Lithography


The origins of St. Valentine's Day date back to ancient Rome and the lovers' festival of Lupercalia, which was dedicated to the Roman Goddess Juno. A special stamp was released to celebrate the day and for use on other occasions throughout the year.


Sheet Stamp[edit]

  • Perforations: 14.5 x 14.0
  • Format: sheetlets of 10

Single Stamp[edit]

50c Roses


Sheetlet of 10 x 50c

Self-adhesive Stamps[edit]

  • Perforations: serpentine die cut 11¼ syncopated
  • Formats: booklets of 10, sheetlets of 10

Single Stamp[edit]

50c Roses


$5 booklet cover
Booklet pane of 10 x 50c


  • stamps are scented
Self-adhesive sheetlet of 10 x 50c

First Day Cover[edit]

The first day of issue postmark was Thornbury VIC 3071. A first day cover for the self-adhesive varieties was not officially produced.

First day cover - sheet stamp

Maximum Card[edit]

50c Roses maximum card

Presentation Pack[edit]

Presentation pack front
Presentation pack back