Austria-Empire 1908 60th Anniversary Emperor's Accession

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  • Issue Dates : 1 January 1908 and 1913
  • Designed by : Koloman Moser (1868-1918) and F. Schirnböck
  • Print Process : Typo 1h - 35h ; Engraved 50h - 10k
  • Perforations : 12½

The 1 - 35 heller values are printed on chalky paper in 1908, and unsurfaced paper in 1913. The difference in shade is perhaps easier to identify both issues. For the later 1910 issue of similar design see Austria-Empire 1910 80th birthday issue.


Chalky paper Gestrichenes Papier in 1908[edit]

10h Franz Joseph, bridge at DROHOBYCZ in 1912, Ukraine.
File:Austria-Empire 1908 60th Anniversary Emperor's Accession g.jpg
12h Franz I (1792-1835) used in Galicia (Poland).
25 h with W101 in 2 circles
30h Franz Joseph in 1848 used in Austria.

Normal, white paper (1908)[edit]

50h Franz Josef, bridge at ŁACKO, Poland
60h Franz Josef on Horse - used atFREUDENTHAL in Silesia (CZ).
2k Schönbrunn Palace used Mi154w.
5k Hofburg, Vienna used Mi155w.
10k large format 30x30 - used in 1911.

Ordinary paper in 1913[edit]

3h Josef II used in Vienna 1915.
6h Leopold II used in Prague 1915.
30h Franz Joseph in 1848, used in Bohemia 1916.

Grey paper in 1916[edit]

Listed by Michel catalogue as Graues Tiefdruck-Papier. The 5 kronen is to be confirmed. Not discussed in Ferchenbauer 1981. He states that a new printing layout Walzendruck (by rollers) was introduced in June 1915 (3, 5, 10 heller) and March 1916 (20 heller).