Azores 2014 Aircraft serving the Azores

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  • Issue date: 4th September 2014
  • four values, and two miniature sheets with further values
  • Designed by: Francisco Galamba
  • Printed by: Cartor, France
  • Print process: lithography
  • stamp format height 40mm x width 31m. Miniature sheet stamps format height 31mm x width 80mm
  • Miniature sheet format height 95mm x width 125mm
  • Perforations: 12.75 x 11.75, with cross cut-outs on vertical sides
  • Notes: these stamps may be reckoned a 'national' Porguguese issue, as they are not inscribed Açores, but they were included in the 2014 Azores year booklet

Civil Aircraft serving the Azores in early days of air connections[edit]

Sheet stamps[edit]

0.42€ ~ Boeing 314 Clipper (seaplane) landing in Horta harbour, island of Faial, 1939
0.50€ ~ Douglas C-47 of SATA (inter-island airline), introduced on São Miguel - Santa Maria route 1964
0.72€ ~ Lockheed Constellation of Trans World Airlines at Santa Maria airport (c1950s: service commenced 1947)
0.80€ ~ Hawker Siddeley HS-748 Avro of SATA (introduced 1969)


Miniature sheets[edit]

Miniature sheet ~
1.00€ ~ three Boeing 314 Clippers of Pan American in Horta Harbour
Miniature sheet ~
1.70€ ~ Lockheed Super-Constellation of KLM at Santa Maria airport

miniature sheet 1.00€
miniature sheet 1.70€

Maximum cards[edit]

maximum card 0.42€
maximum card 0.50€
maximum card 0.72€
maximum card 0.80€