Baia Mare (RO)

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Baia Mare (Hungarian: Nagybánya) is a municipality (123,738 inhabitants in 2011) along the Săsar River, in northwestern Romania; it is the capital of Maramureș County. Located south of Igniș and Gutâi Mountains. The city administers four villages: Blidari (Kőbánya), Firiza (Felsőfernezely), Valea Borcutului (Borpatak) and Valea Neagră (Feketepatak). Until 1918, NAGY BÁNYA was part of the Austrian monarchy, Hungary province, in the Kingdom of Hungary (Transleithania) after the compromise of 1867.

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Postmark Examples

Kingdom of Hungary period (1867-1918)

In 1907.

Austrian Empire period (until 1867)

The NAGY BÁNYA post-office opened before 1850, in the Grosswardein postal Direction.

Decorated DC on the 1859 issue.