Bavaria 1849 Numerals

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  • Issue Date : 1 November 1849
  • Designed by : drawing of Peter Haseney, Stecher M.J. Seitz
  • Printed by : Munich University print J.G. Weiss
  • Print Process : Typo on paper with red silk wire
  • Perforations : none

Valid until 31 August 1864.

First issue in the Germany territory, Quadratausgabe, type I, circle incomplete. A new drawing was issued in 1850 (Type II). The 3 kreuzer blue has been issued in the 1849-1862 period; SEM considers 5 plates.

Unused stamps[edit]

3 kr dull blue Mi2I
Luxus, dull blue Mi2I**
File:Bavaria 1849 Numerals 6 kr c.jpg
6 kr reddish brown Mi4I

Used stamps[edit]

The 3 kreuzer difficult identification needs confirmation (see the 1850 page).

3 kr dull blue, first day, segment at Ludwigshafen Mi2I
3 kr blue closed wheel 182 Mi2I
3 kr deep blue closed wheel, SEM 2 Ia
6 kr reddish brown, small circle at WUNSIEDEL, Mi4I
6 kr, Fingerhut at KUSEL, Mi4IA (saturated corners)
6kr with Chargé (registered in French). Mi4I.


Cover with Chargé (as usual: not on the stamp) and 371. Mi4I.