Berlin 12 (DE)

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Reinickendorf is the twelfth borough of Berlin, with a large population of 247,248 end 2012. It encompasses the northwest of the city area, including the Berlin Tegel Airport and Lake Tegel. It was created in 1920 (as 20th District) with the villages Reinickendorf, Wittenau, Tegel, Heiligensee, Hermsdorf und Lübars.

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Postmarks in Germany

Postmark in the reunified Germany

Souvenir envelop to Bicentenary of the Brandeburg Gate in Berlin; postmarked at "1000 Berlin 12", 10-08-1991
Souvenir Envelope of Germany to "90 years of the Köpenickiade"; postmarked in "12555 Berlin.Köpenick 1", 16-10-1996
PSC Michel No. P157; postmarked at "10619 Berlin 12", 18-12-1998

Postmarks in the occupated Zones

Berlin West (French zone) after the war.

Postmarks in the German Reich