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Breda is a municipality and a city in the southern part of the Netherlands. The name Breda derived from brede Aa ('wide Aa') and refers to the confluence of the rivers Mark and Aa. As a fortified city, the city was of strategic military and political significance. Although a direct Fiefdom of the Holy Roman Emperor, the city obtained a municipal charter; the acquisition of Breda, through marriage, by the house of Nassau ensured that Breda would be at the center of political and social life in the Low Countries. Breda had a population of 179,999 in 2014; the metropolitan area had a population of 324,162.

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Postmark Examples[edit]

Railway cancel traject Vlissingen-Breda, 14 December 1903, on (partial) Letter card model 1899.
BREDA, 16-XII-99.
BREDA, Business Point Slingerweg, 2009.

Cards and Letters[edit]

Service letter (DIENST) from Breda to Gilze-Rijen, 29.VIII-1957. No stamp needed. With registration label.

Machine cancels[edit]

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