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Breukelen is a town and former municipality in the Netherlands, in the province of Utrecht. It is situated to the north west of Utrecht, along the river Vecht and close to the lakes of the Loosdrechtse Plassen, an area of natural and tourist interest. It is in an area called the "Vechtstreek". During the 17th century many wealthy Amsterdam merchant families built their mansions along the river near Breukelen. On January 1, 2011 Breukelen merged with Loenen and Maarssen to form Stichtse Vecht. The borough of Brooklyn in New York City is named after Breukelen.

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Postmark Examples[edit]

Postmark BREUKELEN, 24-IX-1943 on postage stamp from Stampset Stampset.png
Postmark BREUKELEN, date 16-VII-1976. Actually two cancels here, one from Utrecht and one from Breukelen.
Meter cancel Breukelen, 1999.