COGH 1853 Triangulars Perkins Bacon

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  • Issue Dates : 1 September 1853 - 1858
  • Designed by : Charles Bell, William Humphries
  • Printed by : Perkins, Bacon & Co
  • Print Process : Engraving on white or bluish paper
  • Perforations : None
  • Watermark: Anchor
  • Catalogue Michel N°s 1I to 4I, Stanley Gibbons N°s 1-8.


One Penny[edit]

1853 1d Pale Brick Red SG1
1853 1d Deep Brick Red SG1a
1853 1d Brick Red
1853 1d Orange Brown Variety

1858 issue[edit]

1d rose SG5a

Four pence (1855)[edit]

The less rare issue.

Deep blue pair SG6
Blue on white paper, SG6a.
Deep blue on white paper, triangular cancel.

Six pence[edit]

One shilling[edit]

Deep green
Yellow green 1858 issue