Canada 1926 2c Surch on 1 Line

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  • Date of Issue : 1926
  • Perforation :
  • Design :
  • Printer :

On July 1, 1926 Canada's drop letter rate that had been in use since 1915 was reduced from 3s to 2¢.At this time the Canadian Post Offices still had large quantities of the red King George V 3¢ denomination in their existing inventory. To make use of this stock, which consisted of some 140,000 sheets of 100 stamps, the issues were overprinted with a designation that read 2 cents. There exist two basic varieties of these overprints with the 2 cents designation printed with one line of type while the other designation was overprinted with the numeral '2' over the word 'cents'. Other overprint varieties occurred when the contract to overprint these issues was given to The Canadian Bank Note Company. Some overprint varieties produced are rare and valuable and as such there are faked overprints of those varieties in existence.

2c on 3c