Canada 2013 Motorcycles

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  • Issue Date : 5th June 2013
  • Designed by : Mark Pilon (illustration) and Matthew Warburton(Emdoubleyu Design)
  • Printed by : CBN (Canadian Bank Note)
  • Print process : lithography
  • Perforations : die-cut 13.25 (booklet stamps) or perf 12½ x 13 (gummed miniature sheet)
  • Stamp size :
  • miniature size : 116mm x 84mm
  • Paper :
  • Gum : Self Adhesive (booklet) or PVA gum (miniature sheet)

stamps were inscribed ‘P’ and were originally valid for 63c

Historic Motorcycles

P (63c) ~ top view and profile of CCM (Canadian Cycle and Motor Company) lightweight motorcycle of 1908, with Swiss-designed engine mounted on bicycle frame
P (63c) ~ top view and profile of Indian motorcycle, 1914, built by Hendee Manufacturing of Massachusetts (later Indian) at their Mercer Street, Toronto, plant

Self-adhesive booklet

  • Booklet C$6.30, contains P (63c) stamps x 5 of each of two designs

Booklet Cover: top view of Indian motorcycle, 1914 (photograph)

P (63c) 1908 CCM motorcycle
P (63c) 1914 Indian motorcycle
File:Canada motorcycles booklet.jpg
self-adhesive booklet C$6.30

Miniature sheet

miniature sheet

Background information, from Canada Post

The first motorcycles, like the Lightweight Motor Cycle built by the Canadian Cycle and Motor Company (CCM), drew inspiration from the freedom afforded by early automobiles. Among the few motorcycles CCM produced, the 1908 model featured on the stamp sported a Swiss-designed engine that could be installed on any conventional bike frame. Four years later, the Indian, represented here by the 1914 model, met with widespread commercial success. Massachusetts-based Hendee Manufacturing Co. – later known as the Indian Motorcycle Company – built the bikes at a factory on Toronto’s Mercer Street. The Indian became the bike of choice for Canadian racer “Wild Joe” Baribeau, winning him provincial and national racing championships. Impressed by the abilities of the Indian, Canadian police departments began ordering the bike for their own motorcycle corps.