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After WWII[edit]

Germany-Unified : Issues from 3 October 1990 to present day. (the former territory of DDR (East Germany) was absorbed into the Federal Republic on 3 October 1990).

Germany-West : Issues from 7 September 1949 to 27 September 1990. (The German Federal Republic as instituted by the Basic Law of 23 May 1949 and consisted of the territories of the French, British & American zones of occupation)

Germany-East : Issues from 9 October 1949 to 2 October 1990. (The German Democratic Republic was set up on the 7 October 1949 from the territory of the occupied Russian Zone, including East Berlin)

Germany-Berlin : Issues from 1 September 1948 to 27 September 1990. (The Soviet government withdrew from the 4 power control of Berlin and West Berlin became part of West Germany)

Germany-Allied Occ : Issues from 1945 to 1948

During WWII[edit]

General Gouvernement : Issues from 1939 to 1945. (Nazi occupation of Poland)

Bohemia and Moravia

German Occupation of ...

Before WWII[edit]

Germany-Third Reich : Issues from 12 April 1933 to 21 April 1945

Germany-Weimar : Issues from 1 May 1919 to 1 November 1932.

Germany-Empire : Issues from 1872 to 1916.

Before 1872[edit]

See the old German states (Baden ... Württemberg) and the North German Confederation.


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