Chemnitz (DE)

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Chemnitz (Czech: Saská Kamenice; Polish: Kamienica Saska) is the third-largest city (242,022 inhabitants end 2013) in the Free State of Saxony. Chemnitz is an independent city (is not part of any county) and seat of the Freistadt Sachsen. Located in the northern foothills of the Ore Mountains, it is part of the Central German Metropolitan Region. Historically, in the Kingdom of Saxony, District of Zwickau.

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Postmark in Unified-Germany[edit]

Postmark in East Germay[edit]

The city was renamed as Karl-Marx-Stadt from 1953 to 1990.


Postmarks in German Empire[edit]

ERFENSCHLAG (now part 44 of Chemnitz), in 1890. Mi49a
CHEMNITZ 4 in 1891. Mi46
50 pfg, Bridge on 17.1.22. Mi146
5 Mark in Dec. 1922
10 Mark, empty bridge at "Chemnitz 1", 24-12-1922
500 Mark in July 1923, Note the inflation
4000 Mark, empty bridge at "Chemnitz 4", 29-08-1923
"Chemnitz 1", 17-11-1927
Bridge at CHEMNITZ 2 in 1929
Circle in 1930
CHEMNITZ 4 on Block in 1938

Postmark in North German Confederation[edit]

Since 1 January 1868.

Chemnitz (DE) NPB a.jpg

Postmarks in Kingdom of Saxony[edit]

A CHEMNITZ linear postmark since 1650. The Postal code was 8 (after 1851). CHEMNITZ railway station opened in 1859.

Grid 8 on a 1856 issue.
DC in 1864. Month IV in Roman letters, year at side.
DC in 1866. Month JAN in letters.

Covers in the Kingdom[edit]

Registered cover to Nürnberg, 5 NGr issue 1857 with grid 8 and DC. Sold 400 SF in 2001 (shade).