Cook Islands 1967 Definitives - Decimal Currency - Surcharges

From Stamps of the World

  • Issue Date : 3rd April 1967
  • Designed by: R. M. Conly (3c on 4d) or J. Berry (others)
  • Printed by: Bradbury Wilkinson
  • Print Process: Recess (15c on 1s 6d), Lithographed (others)
  • Watermark: Multiple Watermark (sideways)
  • Perforations : 13½ x 13 (1c on 1d, 2c on 2d and 7c on 8d), 13 x 13½ (2½c on 3d, 4c on 5d, 5c on 6d and 10c on 1s) or 13½ (others)
1c on 1d
2c on 2d
2½c on 3d - Type I
2½c on 3d - Type II
3c on 4d
4c on 5d
5c on 6d - black, yellow and light blue
5c on 6d - red, yellow and green
7c on 8d
10c on 1s
15c on 1s 6d
30c on 3s
50c on 5s
$1 and 10s on 10d