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Delft is a city and a municipality in the European country Netherlands. There it forms part of the province of South Holland (Zuid-Holland), where it is located to the north of bigger city Rotterdam and to the south of provincial capital The Hague. Delft is primarily known for its historic town centre with canals, for Delft Blue pottery (Delftware), for the Delft University of Technology, for the painter Vermeer and the scientist Antony van Leeuwenhoek, and for its association with the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau. The "Nieuwe Kerk" (New Church), constructed between 1381 and 1496, contains the Dutch royal family's burial vault, which between funerals is sealed with a 5,000 kg (11,023 lb) cover stone.

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Postmark Examples[edit]

Bridge DELFT in 1912
Postmark from Philatelic Counter in 1989. See also Computer vended labels at Stampset.png

Meter cancels[edit]

Meter cancel Delft 1975
Meter cancel Delft 1986
Meter cancel Delft 1994
Meter cancel Delft 1997
Meter cancel Delft 1988
Meter cancel Delft 2004
Meter cancel Delft 1997

Cards and covers[edit]

Postmark Delft, 27 VII 1954, with slogan "Laat voor de post langs de gehele bovenkant 4 cm vrij" (Leave along the upperside 4 cm free for the post)
Postmark DELFT, 18 dec 1913, on Postcard model 1910-1914 (Queen Wilhelmina with Fur Coat), sent to Stockholm, where it arrived 20 dec 1913.