Eger (HU)

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Eger (pronunciation: [ˈɛɡɛr]) is the county seat of Heves, and the second largest city (56,530 inhabitants end 2010) in Northern Hungary (after Miskolc). Eger is best known for its castle, thermal baths, historic buildings (including the northernmost Ottoman minaret), dishes and red wines. The town is located on the Eger river, on the hills of the Bükk Mountains. Exonyms: in Latin as Agria, in German as Erlau, Serbian and Croatian as Jegar (Јегар), in Czech and Slovene as Jager, in Slovak as Jáger, in Polish as Jagier, in Turkish as Eğri.

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Postmark in Hungary[edit]

Kingdom of Hungary era (1867-1945)[edit]


EGER HEVESBEN in 1872. Müller type agEj.
Bridge EGER on the 1898 issue.

Austrian Empire Hungary Crownland[edit]

The ERLAU post office opened before 1850.

Ideal ERLAU Mueller type RDb-f.
Antiqua cancelled ERLAU (RS-f 4 points) on 1858 issue.