Faroe Islands 2015 Total Solar Eclipse

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  • Issue date : 11th March 2015
  • two values and a miniature sheet (gummed) and self-adhesive in a stamp booklet
  • Designed by : Martin Mörck
  • Printed by : bpost, Belgium
  • Print process : offset
  • Perforations : 12 x 12 (gummed stamps)
  • stamp format height 50mm x width 40mm. Miniature sheet format height 65mm x width 135mm
  • these stamps also come self-adhesive, in a stamp booklet
  • Michel Number:
  • Stanley Gibbons Number:
  • Yvert Number:

Total Eclipse of the Sun over the Faroe Islands, 2015[edit]

Sheet stamps[edit]

  • separate sheets of ten (stamps from sheets are not se-tenant)

Miniature sheet[edit]

  • contains se-tenant pair (stamp designs form composite with border)
17kr, 19kr

Stamp Booklet[edit]

self-adhesive booklets (pair)
stamp booklet covers