GB 1965 Post Office Tower

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  • Date of Issue: 8th October 1965
  • Designed by: Clive Abbott
  • Printed by: Harrison's
  • Print Process: Photogravure
  • Sheet Format: 120 (6 x 20) or (20 x 6)
  • Stamp Size: 3d. Vertical Format 24.5mm x 41.5mm. 1/3d. 41.5mm x 24.5mm Horizontal Format
  • Perforations 15 x 14
  • Paper/Gum: Chalk Surfaced Paper with Gum Arabic
  • Watermark: Multiple Crown
  • Withdrawn: 30th June 1966

Sheet Stamps[edit]

  • Note Stamps were Issued with and without Phosphor Bands
  • 3d Value has One Phosphor Band at Left or Right
GB 1965 Post Office Tower 3d.jpg
GB 1965 Post Office Tower 1s-3d.jpg

First Day Cover[edit]


Presentation Pack[edit]

Pack (Front)


3d Missing Olive-Yellow