GB 1967 Francis Chichester's World Voyage

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  • Date of Issue 24th July 1967
  • Designed by Michael and Sylvia Goaman
  • Perforations 15 x 14
GB 1967 Chichester a.jpg

First Day Cover[edit]

First Day Cover

Sheet Flaws & Varieties[edit]

The sheet has only one Major constant flaw but has 15 minor constant flaws all are easy to identify.

R1/6 Dark Flaw in Queen's Hair below Ribbon
R2/1 Grey Flaw at top of Main sail.
R6/5 Diagonal line through the Main sail
R13/1 Line of small Blue dots in Rear sail
R14/4 White Flaw in figure 1 of Value
R16/2 Break in Rigging near Main mast + Unlisted flaw also noted diagonal blue line of dots outside top frame above Queen.
R17/6 Line of Blue dots in Hull below Sir Francis
R18/5 Scratch through Rear sail to Grey clouds
R18/6 Previous stamp scratch extends to this stamp though clouds and sails
R19/1 Small spur on Rear sail
R19/3 Major Flaw – Broken Ribbon
R20/1 Curved dotted Blue line between sail and Queen’s head
R20/2 Diagonal Blue line in top margin
R20/3 Vertical White line at bottom of Main sail
R20/4 Blue Flaw at top of Main sail
R20/6 Dot between O and N of HARRISON