GB 1975 Architectural Heritage. National Stamp Day perfin

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  • Date of Issue: May 5, 1975
  • two values
  • Designed by Peter Gauld
  • stamp format: se-tenant pair, height 30mm x width 82mm
  • Printed by Harrison & Sons Ltd. Perfin operation carried out by Sloper
  • Print process: photogravure
  • Perforations: 143.75 x 14.25

European Architectural Heritage Year. Perfin NSD / 1975

stamps from issue of April 27, 1975, with
first officially approved GB perfin, sold as loose pairs at National Stamp Day 1975 Fair, at Royal Festival Hall, London SE1
also sold in panes of four stamps (two pairs)
the booklets come stitched with white thread (normal) and also with black thread (rarer)
reported quantity produced, 80,000 mint pairs

7p perfinned se-tenant pair

First Day Cover

File:GB 1975 Heritage Year perf 7p FDC.jpg
First Day Cover 7p perfin pair, London SE1

Stamp Booklet