GB 1988 Barcode Window Booklet. 76p Machin 4x19p

From Stamps of the World

  • Issue date: 23rd August 1988
  • pane of four stamps, margins all round
  • stamps printed by Harrison & Sons, High Wycombe
  • phosphorised paper
  • perforations 14¾ x 14
  • pane format height 55mm x width 61mm, margins around all four sides

G.B. Window Booklets. 76p booklet[edit]

Stamp Booklet, laminated cover in red and yellow with window cut-out
pane of 4 x 19p orange, Machin

pane of 19p x 4
booklet cover, K designator
  • A variant of this booklet was issued 11th October 1988, with the same Harrison-printed pane of four x 19p, but with cover printed by Walsall Security Printers (change of designator letter to W at lower right of back cover)