GB 1990 Machin NVI Definitives Aug 1990

From Stamps of the World

  • Issue Date : 7th August 1990
  • Designed by : Arnold Machin
  • Printed by : The House of Questa
  • Print Process : Offset Lithography
  • Sheet Format: 200 (10 by 20)
  • Perforations : 15 x 14
  • These are Booklet Stamps. On this date, Booklet(s) were also printed by Harrison's and Walsall but these have stamps with at least one straight edge.
  • Note: Stamps initially sold for 15p (2nd) & 20p (1st)
  • NVI Machins in new colours, to match the upcoming 17p and 22p stamps, which would be valid for 1st and 2nd class respectively, once the scheduled price rises took effect.
  • For details of the of the Sheet stamps for the 17p & 22p Values Click on: GB 1990 Machin Definitives Sep 1990

First Day Cover[edit]