GB 1d Red Plate 119

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Plate 119[edit]

  • Registration Date:
  • Destroyed:
  • Constant Plate characteristics:
A Row | B Row | C Row | D Row | E Row | F Row | G Row | H Row | I Row | J Row |
K Row | L Row | M Row | N Row | O Row | P Row | Q Row | R Row | S Row | T Row |

A Row[edit]

B Row[edit]

C Row[edit]

D Row[edit]

E Row[edit]

F Row[edit]

G Row[edit]

H Row[edit]

I Row[edit]

J Row[edit]

K Row[edit]

L Row[edit]

M Row[edit]

N Row[edit]

O Row[edit]

P Row[edit]

Q Row[edit]

R Row[edit]

S Row[edit]

T Row[edit]

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