GB 2008 Insects

From Stamps of the World

  • Date of Issue April 15 2008
  • ten non-denominated values in se-tenant blocks of ten designs (5 x 2) within sheet
  • Designed by Andrew Ross
  • Printed by De La Rue Security Print
  • Print Process: lithography
  • stamp format 34½mm x 34½mm
  • Perforations 14.25 x 14.25
  • Non-denominated. Inscribed (1st). Original franking value 36p (block of 10 £3.60)

Action for Species campaign. Insects[edit]

1st ~ adonis blue butterfly, Lysandra bellargus
1st ~ southern damselfy, Coenagrion mercuriale
1st ~ red-barbed ant, Formica rufibarbis
1st ~ barberry carpet moth, Pareulype berberata
1st ~ stag beetle, Lucanus cervus
1st ~ hazel pot beetle, Cryptocephalus coryli
1st ~ field cricket, Gryllus campestris
1st ~ silver-spotted skipper butterfly, Hesperia comma
1st ~ Purbeck mason wasp, Pseudepipona herrichii
1st ~ noble chafer beetle, Gnorimus nobilis

Mint stamps[edit]

mint se-tenant block of 10

First Day Cover[edit]

Royal Mail First Day Cover; postmark Crawley (ants)

Used stamps[edit]

postally fine used se-tenant block of 10 on piece

Presentation Pack[edit]

Presentation Pack