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Grahamstown (Afrikaans: Grahamstad, Xhosa: iRhini) is a town of about 70,000 people in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. It is situated about 110 kilometres (70 mi) northeast of Port Elizabeth and 130 kilometres (80 mi) southwest of East London. Grahamstown is the largest town in the Makana Local Municipality, and the seat of the municipal council. It also hosts Rhodes University, the Eastern Cape Division of the High Court, and a diocese of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

Grahamstown was founded in 1812 as a military outpost by Lieutenant-Colonel John Graham as part of the effort to secure the eastern frontier of British influence in the then Cape Colony against the Xhosa people, whose lands lay to the east.

After 1961[edit]

British Empire era (1853-1961)[edit]

Cape Colony (1853-1910)[edit]

Shape * cancel in 1888.

Grahamstown Station[edit]

Grahamnstown Station - Cape of Good Hope in 1908.