Guernsey 2013 Europa - Postal Vans

From Stamps of the World

  • Issue Date : 8th May 2013
  • Designed by : Robin Carter
  • Printed by : Cartor Security Printers, in sheets of 10 (2 x 5)
  • Print Process : Offset Lithography
  • Perforations : 13.25 x 13
  • Stamp size : height 30.6mm x width 38mm. Miniature sheet format height 100mm x width 140mm
  • Face Values : GY Letter, GY Large Letter, UK Letter, UK Large Letter, INT Letter (20g), INT Letter(40g)
  • Paper : 110 gsm unwatermarked
  • Gum : PVA

Europa 2013. Postal Vans[edit]

Borders of sheets of 10 each illustrate a further van used by the postal authority featured on the stamp
Only the UK LETTER and INT LETTER 20G carry the ‘Europa’ inscription

Sheet Stamps[edit]

Original Price (40p)
Original Price (53p)
Original Price (55p)
Original Price (63p)
Original Price (71p)
Original Price (79p)

First Day Cover[edit]


Presentation Pack[edit]


Miniature Sheet[edit]

border: postman and FIAT van


First Day Cover[edit]


Europa Sheetlets[edit]

Sheetlet UK Letter (55p x 10)
Sheetlet International Letter 20g (63p x 10)