Hungary 2011 Butterflies & Moths

From Stamps of the World

  • Issue date: 6th May 2011
  • four values and a miniature sheet
  • Designed by: Katalin Rácz-Fodor
  • Printer:Allami Nyomda Rt (State Printing Company)
  • stamp format height 31½mm x width 40mm. Miniature sheet format height 65mm x width 90mm
  • Perforations:13 x 13.5, or 13 x 12.75 (miniature sheet)

Butterflies and Moths

80Ft ~ Freyer’s purple emperor, Apatura metis
105Ft ~ Esper’s marbled white, Melanargia russiae
255Ft ~ garden tiger moth, Arctia caja
370Ft ~ willowherb hawkmoth, Proserpinus proserpina
Miniature sheet 600Ft ~large copper, Lycaena dispar

Sheet stamps


Miniature Sheet

Miniature sheet