Iran 1899 Lion violet overprint

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  • Issue Date : 1899
  • Designed by :
  • Printed by :
  • Print Process : Ornament overprint on 1897 issue
  • Watermark: none
  • Perforations: 12²
  • Catalogue Michel N°s 94II-102II, Yvert 88A-96A

Violet overprint further to a dispute between post ministers. Four models.


File:Iran 1899 Lion violet overprint a.jpg
1 Chahi. Type I overprint.
2 Chahis brown used Mi95II. Type II overprint.
4 Ch red used. Mi97II. Type III overprint.
8 Ch orange unused. Mi99II. Type IV overprint.
12 Ch deep rose unused. Mi101II. Type IV overprint.
16 Chahi blue-green unused. Mi102II. Type IV overprint.