Iran 1899 Mozaffar-ad-Din overprint

From Stamps of the World


  • Issue Date : 1899
  • Print Process : Ornament overprint on 1897 issue
  • Catalogue Michel N°s 103II-109II, Yvert 97A-103A

Violet overprint further to a dispute between postal administration ministers. Four models. Below images are not guaranteed (many forgeries exist).


1 Kran ultramarine used. Overprint type V. Mi103II.
2 Kran rose unused. Overprint type VI.
3 Kran Overprint type VI.
4 Kran grey unused. Overprint type VII.
5 Kran green unused. Overprint type VII. Mi107II.
10 Kran Overprint type VIII.
50 Kran Overprint type VIII.