Ireland 1997 Stampa '97. 75th anniversary of Irish Stamps

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  • Issue date: 7th November 1997
  • two postal stationery postcards
  • Printer: An Post
  • Print process: lithography

Stampa 97 National Stamp Exhibition Dublin. 75th anniversary of Irish Stamps[edit]

Postcards with imprinted stamps[edit]

Postcard, imprinted stamp 32p showing The Dail, Irish flag and copy of Constitution (book) Reverse: 2p Irish map stamp of 1922
Postcard, imprinted stamp 32p robin. Reverse: first Irish miniature sheet of 1972 depicting map stamp of 1922, and The Dail

postal stationery postcard, reverse and imprint
postal stationery postcard, reverse and FD imprint