Ireland 1999 Gaelic Football Millennium Team

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  • Issued 17th August 1999
  • fifteen values, issued both gummed (in sheetlets) and self-adhesive (in booklets)
  • Designer F O'Connor
  • Printer (sheets) Irish Security Stamp Printing Ltd
  • Process Litho
  • Perf 15.0 X 14.0
  • Paper Chalk faced
  • Phosphor Frame
  • Self-adhesive booklets (four) die-cut perf 11.5, printed by SNP Ausprint, Australia
  • Perf 11.5

gummed sheetlets[edit]

Ireland 1999 Gaelic Football Millennium Team.jpg

Self Adhesive booklet stamps[edit]

selfadhesives ex booklets

Self Adhesive booklets[edit]

booklet covers 1-4