Ireland 2007 Greetings

From Stamps of the World

  • Issued: 26th January 2007
  • Designed by Steve Simpson
  • Printed in lithography by SEP Sprint, Australia
  • Perforations: die-cut 11.25
  • Stamp size
  • Paper Chalk Surfaced
  • Phosphor Framed
  • Gum Self Adhesive

Greetings. Non-denminated self-adhesive booklet stamps[edit]

N (48c) ~ cartoon smiling stamp with heart balloon
N (48c) ~ birthday cake with candles

  • the value of these stamps rose to 55c in March 2007
booklet stamps

Booklet Pane[edit]

Booklet (4.80€): ten stamps (two designs x 5 each) plus ten self-adhesive stickers

  • cover: birthday cake with candles

stamp booklet