Ireland 2012 Fauna self-adhesive labels (Stamps On A Roll)

From Stamps of the World

  • Issue date: 9th August 2012
  • eight self-adhesive labels
  • Designed by Zinc Design, from photographs
  • Printed by: dispensing machine [Label Art Ltd /HP]
  • Print Process: digital print
  • Perforations: 11 x 11
  • Stamp size: height 24½mm x width 55½mm
  • designs printed sequentially, numbered 1 to 8, in vertical format machine coil of 600 stamps (separately spaced, plain buff backing paper)
  • different versions exist according to whether printed by machines in Post outlets or

for philatelic sale (latter intense black inscriptions, coding 10202)

  • multiple denominations available

pike (fish), Esox lucius
green crab, Carcinus maenas
spiny seahorse, Hippocampus guttulatus
fireworks anemone, Pachycerianthus
kestrel (head), Falco tinnunculus
raft spider, Dolomedes fimbriatus
Irish hare, Lepus timidus hibernicus
smooth newt, Lissotriton vulgaris

land and air fauna (Bureau €0.55 versions)
water fauna (Bureau €0.55 versions)

national issue (non-philatelic)[edit]

postally used (raft spider)