Isle of Man 1998 Flower Definitives

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  • Issue dates: 4p,21p,25p,50p & £1 on 12th February 1998; 1p,2p,10p,20p,30p & £2.50p on 2nd July 1998; 4p,5p,22p & 26p on 26th April 1999. A 4p (Type II) Issued in 1999 is from booklet only with an Imprint Year of 1999 and WSP moved slightly to the right compared to the original printing - see actual stamp.
  • Designed by: Colleen Corlett
  • Printed by: Walsall Security Printers
  • Print Process: Offset Lithography
  • Sheet Size: 50,(10 x 5)
  • stamp Size: Height 36mm x Width 26mm
  • Perforations 13 x 13.25
  • Stamps currently, (July 2014) on sale but only as a Set in a Souvenir Folder. (1p to £3). See Below.

Flowers (definitives)[edit]

Sheet stamps[edit]

Bearded Iris
Shamrock Type I
Booklet Only - Type II
Silver Jubilee Rose
Oriental Poppy
Heath Spotted Orchid
Princess of Wales Rose
Dog Rose
Fuchsia 'Lady Thumb'
Spear Thistle

High Values - Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Mother[edit]

£2.50 Royals
£3 Queen Mother

First Day Covers[edit]

First Day Cover (12th Feb 1998)
First Day Cover (2nd July 1998)
First Day Cover 5p, 22p, 26p (26th April 1999)

Presentation Packs[edit]

Pack Contains 4p, 21p, 25p, 50p & £1 Issued 12th February 1998
Pack Contains 1p, 2p, 10p, 20p & 30p Issued 2nd July 1998
Pack Contains 5p, 22p, 26p Issued 26th April 1999

Souvenir Folders[edit]

Folder Contains 1p to £1 Issued 2nd July 1998 (10 Stamps). Same Folder was released on 26th April 1999. (13 Stamps) Added 3 New Values 5p, 22p & 26p. Actual Size: 212mm x 148mm
Folder Contains 1p to £3. Issued 23rd April 2002. (15 Stamps). Actual Size: 210mm x 300mm

Stamp Booklets[edit]

Booklet £1 ~ pane of 4p type I x 2; 21p x 2; 25p x 2 in se-tenant strip (stamps in reverse value order).

  • Issued: 12th February 1998
Booklet £1
Booklet cover 1998 (£1)

Booklet £1 ~ pane of 4p type II x 2; 22p x 3; 26p in se-tenant strip. (stamps in reverse value order).

  • Issued: 26th April 1999
Booklet £1
Booklet cover 1999 (£1)

Booklet Pane Sheetlets[edit]

  • The Sheetlets were used to produce 5 Booklets each.
Issued 12th February 1998. Face Value £5
Issued 26th April 1999. Face Value £5

Booklet Pane First Day Covers[edit]

Booklet Pane FDC. Issued 12th February 1998
Booklet Pane FDC. Issued 26th April 1999