Isle of Man 2013 African Animals. Paintings by Dr Jeremy Paul

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  • Issue date : 13th September 2013
  • Designed by : EJC Design from paintings by Dr. Jeremy Paul
  • Printed by : Lowe-Martin, Canada
  • Print process : offset lithography
  • Stamp format : height 30mm x width 40mm (vert. designs), or height 40mm x width 30mm and se-tenant (horiz. designs)
  • Miniature sheet format (overall) height 75mm x width 170mm
  • Paper: 110gms PVA Gummed
  • Perforations : 13.2 x 12.9 (vert. designs) or 12.9 x 13.2 (horiz. designs)

A Journey Through Africa. Animal paintings by Dr Jeremy Paul[edit]

75p ~ baboon (of Zambezi basin) (vert)
75p ~ white rhinoceros (horiz)
75p ~ giraffes (horiz)
75p ~ kudu (vert)

Miniature sheet[edit]

4x75p Baboon, Rhino, Giraffes and Kudu

First Day Cover[edit]

First Day Cover

Presentation Pack[edit]

Presentation Pack (cover)