Israel 2011 Butterflies of Israel (self-adhesive booklet)

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  • Issue date: 27th June 2011
  • six non-denominated self-adhesive values in an irregular arrangement in a booklet of twenty stamps
  • Design: Tuvia Kurtz and Miri Nistor
  • Printed by: (unreported, possibly Pitkit Printers)
  • Perforations: die-cut 13.15 x 14.15
  • stamp format height 34.56mm x width 26.1mm
  • Notes: non-denominated, original franking value 1.70sh. Not sold as individual designs.
  • These designs also released gummed form in a sheetlet (see issue of April 12, 2011)

BOOKLET, contains
(1.70sh) x 4 ~ swallowtail, Papilio machaon syriacus
(1.70sh) x 4 ~ red admiral, Vanessa atalanta
(1.70sh) x 4 ~ caper white, Anaphaeis aurota
(1.70sh) x 4 ~ tawny silver-line, Apharitis acamas
(1.70sh) x 2 ~ plain tiger, Danaus chrysippus
(1.70sh) x 2 ~ common blue, Polyommatus icarus zelleri

  • Notes. This booklet has been reprinted with Menorah designators for the printing appearing on the front cover (2-Menorah, issued 20th March 2012; 3-Menorah, issued 1st January 2013)

Self-adhesive booklet[edit]

  • sold flat
booklet (sold flat)