Jersey 2000 Stampin' the Future

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  • Issued: 9th May 2000
  • Designers: Jersey Schoolchildren (See Captions below Stamps)
  • Printed by: The House of Questa
  • Print Process: Offset Lithography
  • Sheet Format: 10 (2 by 5)
  • Stamp Size: 42½mm x 28½mm
  • Perforations: 14
  • Withdrawn: 31st May 2001

Sheet Stamps[edit]

Ocean Adventure (Gemma Carré)
Solar Power (Chantal Varley-Best)
Floating City & Space Cars (Nicola Singleton)
Conservation (Carly Logan)

First Day Cover[edit]


Presentation Pack[edit]

Pack (Cover)

Miniature Sheet[edit]

  • Sheet Size: 150mm x 100mm
Jersey 2000 Stampin' the Future MS.jpg

First Day Cover[edit]


Presentation Pack[edit]

  • Note: Same Cover used for Both Packs
Pack (Cover)