Jersey 2014 Post & Go Scottish Congress

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  • Issued in Conjunction with the Opening of the 85th Scottish Congress in Perth, Scotland. Held on 11 & 12 April 2014
  • Issue date: 11th April 2014
  • Designed by: True North
  • Printed by: Walsall (International Security Printers), England (basic designs)
  • Printing: lithography (basic designs), and thermography. Philatelic stock may be completely pre-printed.
  • label format height 24mm x width 55mm
  • die-cut perforations: 14¼ x 14½
  • A Rate Change took place on the 23rd April 2014
  • This set was first issued for Spring Stampex. For details Click on: Jersey 2014 Jersey Flag. Post & Go labels
  • Note the only difference was a 4 (April) replaced the 2 (February).
Service Cost when Issued
Local Letter 100g 45p
UK Letter 100g 55p
Europe 20g 60p
Local Large 100g 68p
International 20g 80p
UK Large 100g 88p
Total Cost £3.96p

Jersey Flag - No Overprint[edit]

  • Machine J001 Located at the Show in Perth Scotland

Jersey Flag - No Overprint[edit]

  • Machine B001 Located at the Philatelic Bureau
Local Letter
Local Letter Large
UK Letter
UK Large Letter

First Day Cover[edit]

  • GB Postmark on stamps from Machine J001 Located at the show in Perth, Scotland
FDC with Edinburgh Postmark