Jersey 2015 Post & Go Protected Species - Europhilex

From Stamps of the World

Service Cost when Issued
Local Letter 100g 47p
UK Letter 100g 57p
Europe 20g 64p
Local Large 100g 73p
International 20g 85p
UK Large 100g 95p
Total Cost £4.21p

Protected Species - No Overprint via Europhilex[edit]

Labels from Machine JE01 located at Europhilex

Local Letter Agile Frog
Local Large Red Squirrel
UK Letter Lizard
UK Large Hedgehog
Europe Barn Owll
International Puffin

Protected Species Without Overprint[edit]

  • Labels from B002 via Philatelic Bureau

First Day Cover[edit]

  • Labels are from Machine JE01 located the Europhilex Exhibition