Karlovy Vary (CZ)

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Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) is a spa town (49781 inhabitants in 2015) situated in western Bohemia, on the confluence of the rivers Ohře and Teplá. It is named after King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, who founded the city in 1370. It is historically famous for its hot springs.

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Postmark in the Czech Republic[edit]

Postmark in Czechoslovakia era[edit]

Postmarks in Austria-Hungary era (1867-1918)[edit]

KARLSBAD in 1867ca.
Bridge KARLSBAD in 1914.


The FISCHERN post office dates from 1871.

Circle FISCHERN in 1888.

Postmark in Austrian Empire Bohemia Crownland[edit]

The post office opened before 1850 with the (Austrian) name CARSLBAD.

File:Karlovy Vary (CZ) AE b.jpg
KARLSBAD on the 1864 issue