LITHUANIA 2016 Jurgis Mačiūnas, 1931-1978, Artist

From Stamps of the World

  • Issue date : 4th June 2016
  • one value in a sheetlet of four
  • Designed by : Tomas Dragūnas
  • Printed by : Garsu pasaulis
  • Print process : lithography
  • stamp format height 35½ x width 30mm. Sheetlet format height 96mm x width 84mm
  • Perforations : 13.2 x 12.9

Jurgis (George) Mačiūnas, 1931-1978, Artist, member and coordinator of the Fluxus movement[edit]

Sheetlet, 0.74€ x 4 copies, portrait of George Mačiūnas, partially infilled with repeating word ‘FLUXUS’

  • Notes: a leading member and co-ordinator (in the USA) of the international art, photography, music, theatre and publishing movement (Yoko Ono was another participant).

This stamp is in the series Famous Lithuanians in the World. The sheetlet has decorated borders (artistic typography F-L-U-X-U-S as used in Fluxus publicity and publications

0.75€ single stamp


four stamps, two set inverted, creating two vertical tête-bêche pairs