Latvia 2014 Europa 2014. Musical Instruments

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  • Issue date: 11th April 2014
  • two values
  • Designed by: Lilija Dinere
  • Printed by Baltijas Banknote, Latvia
  • stamp format height 22½mm x width 33mm (sheet stamps) or height 37mm x width 33mm (booklet stamps)
  • Perforations: 13.75 x 13.75 (booklet stamps have one imperforate edge)

Europa 2014/ Traditional Musical Instruments[edit]

Sheet stamps[edit]

€0.78 ~ kokle: musical instrument, player, and musical score
1.71€ ~ dudas (Latvian bagpipe), player and musical score


Stamp booklet[edit]

Booklet (€3.12), contains one pane of 0.78€ x 4 copies kokle and musical score. Two copies are imperf at top and two copies are imperf at base
booklet cover: rock garden, inscription noting Essen 2014 Stamp Fair

€0.78 x booklet pane, attached to booklet oover
booklet cover