Lesotho 1999 Birds

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  • Issue Date: 28th June 1999
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  • Perforations: 14
70s Belted Kingfisher
1m50 Palm Cockatoo
2m Red Tailed Hawk
2m Evening Grosbaek
2m Blue Winged Pitta
2m Lichensteins Oriole
2m Rose Breasted Grosbeak
2m Yellow Warbler
2m Akiapokaau
2m American Goldfinch
2m Northern Flicker
2m Western Tanager
File:Lesotho 1999 Birds n.jpg
2m Common Cardinal
2m Yellow Headed Blackbird
2m Red Crossbill
2m Cedar Waxwing
File:Lesotho 1999 Birds r.jpg
2m Vermillion Flycatcher
File:Lesotho 1999 Birds s.jpg
2m Pileated Woodpecker
2m Western Meadowlark
File:Lesotho 1999 Birds u.jpg
2m Belted Kingfisher
3m Tufted Puffin
4m Reddish Egret
5m Hoatzin

Miniature Sheets[edit]

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Lesotho 1999 Birds ms.jpg
Lesotho 1999 Birds 1ms.jpg