Lithuania 2000 Ironwork

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  • Issue date: 3rd January 2000, and subsequently with revised year imprints
  • five basic values
  • Designed by: V Jasanauskas
  • Printed by: Spindulys, Kaunas
  • Print process: lithography
  • Perforations: 13.5 x 13.25 (year 2000 issue)

Definitives. Monuments (forged metal weathervanes)[edit]

Sheet stamps[edit]

  • initial issue, stamps carry imprint date 2000
  • sheets of 100 (10 x 10)
  • stamp format height 25mm x width 21½. Design on stamp is 22mm high

10ct steel blue and pale buff. Imprint date 2000
20ct steek blue and pale yellow. Imprint date 2000
1Lt steel blue and pale rose. Imprint date 2000
1.30Lt steel blue and pale green. Imprint date 2000
1.70Lt steel blue and pale blue. Imprint date 2000

top of roadside pole in Rietavas
top of the monument in Andryunay
top of the monument in Veiviryunay
top of the monument in Vaizgakiemis
top of the monument in Baukay