Netherlands 1946 Post Card Series - Castles

From Stamps of the World

  • Issue: May, 1946
  • Type: Letter card with denomination 5 cents overprint on 7.5 cents Wilhelmina type "Veth".
  • Description: Photo on front side, details on adress side
  • Photographer: G.van Agtmaal
  • Printing color: Photo black and white
  • Lay-out: 5 lines for adress
  • Design: Imprinted stamp is based on perforated issues type Veth
  • Size: 148x105mm
  • Paper: Chamois color
  • Total series comprises 24 pieces, This series is a remake of an earlier emission of 1930 with denomination 7.5 cents.
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Overprint 5 cents on 7.5 cents
Number 6: Slot "Loevestein" in Poederoijen/Gelderland.