Open Class Exhibits

From Stamps of the World

Open Class exhibiting in Thematics allows for the inclusion of both Philatelic and Non-Philatelic material to illustrate the theme.

Whilst giving the option to use related thematic content, the main inclusion of material has to be Philatelic (+50%).

The Open Class has grew from the older 'Social class' of thematics which was introduced in the UK. Open Class was developed from this in many of the Scandinavian countries in the 1990's.

It's main development arose because collectors of themes on stamp were always collecting wider thematic products on the theme they liked and chose. So a collector of 'Hats on Stamps'. Would often pick up Cinderella stamps, Revenues, postcards of people in hats or ribbon bands that came from hats. Advertising leaflets and adverts from magazines, old newspaper adverts, Banknotes, Bond certificates and many more items; in the course of their wider collecting.

Open Class allows for this wider collection of material to be incorporated within a Thematic Philatelic display to give a wider view of the chosen Thematic.

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