Portugal 1949 Rulers of Portugal. The Avis Dynasty

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  • Issue date: 6th May 1949
  • eight values, and a miniature sheet of eight
  • Designed by: P Guedes
  • Printed by: Hélio Courvoisier SA, Switzerland
  • Print process: photogravure
  • stamp format height 29mm x width 24mm. Miniature sheet format height 99mm x width 136mm
  • Perforations: 11.5 x 11.65
  • Designs, noting the founding of the Aviz /Avis Dynasty, depict rulers, courtiers and officials
  • Sheet stamps carry the designer / printer imprint 'P GUEDES / COURVOISIER SA' at the foot
  • Stamps from miniature sheet lack this imprint, which appears instead in the sheet border
  • The miniature sheet was sold at 15.00esc (5.50esc over face value), 50,000 were printed

<compiler note: images required of sheet stamps. They must be with imprint at foot of design>

<compiler note: values for stamps from the miniature sheet are equal>

10c ~ King João I, 1357-1433, declared King of Portugal in 1385, founder of the Aviz dynasty
30c ~ Doña Filipa (Philippa of Lancaster), 1359-1415, daughter of John of Gaunt of England, wife of João I
35c ~ Infante Dom Fernando (Prince Fernando), 1402-1443
50c ~ Infante Dom Henrique, Duke of Viseu, 1394-1460 (Prince Henry the Navigator), the third son of Joào I
1.00esc ~ Nun'Álvares (Nuno Alvares), 1360-1431, general who defeated the Castilians, later a monk (beatified 1918)
1.75esc ~ João das Regras (John The Rulemaker), d.1404, Chancellor of the Portuguese Kingdom
2.00esc ~ Fernão Lopes, c1380-1460. Royal archivist, chronicler of the events of reign of João I
3.50esc ~ Afonso Domingues (d.1452), Master Builder


Miniature sheet[edit]

miniature sheet of eight values